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Fine 2000 Series


Fine 2000 Spot Enhanced Edition

  • 31 controlling channels
  • OSR HTI 1200W/S lamp,parabolic glass reflector.
  • Liquid-crystal display, can visually set customized function
  • CMY、CTC with dot and pectination structure, and stepless color mixing system with gradual color temperature correction function,inside with CMY macro function.
  • 1 fixed color wheel, 7 colors plus white and rainbow effect, with changeable color filter , gobo is available for choose.
  • 2 oriented and rotatable gobo wheels, each has 5 changeable glass gobos or metal gobos, each gobo with shaking effect.
  • 1 effect wheel, rotating triangular prism effect (rotating beam of light, or wide-angle lens is available)and gradual fogbow effect
  • 1 animation gobo filter, can replace other animation gobo filter and create sky、clouds、stream、rising flame effect and so on.
  • 0-100% linear mechanical dimming with strobe as 1-10 flash per second, inside with strobe macro function
  • Electric Iris, 5-100% linear adjustment on beam of light, inside with iris macro function
  • Electric linear focusing 10 o -28 o (42 o is available)
  • Focusing: 2 meters to infinity
  • 540 o Pan with 8 or 16 bit resolution, inside with pan macro function
  • 270 o Tilt with 8 or 16 bit resolution, inside with tilt macro function
  • Automatic Pan and Tilt repositioning by photoelectric repositioning system if accidentally knocked out of place
  • DMX512 signal receiving pilot lamp
  • Superheat protection
  • Switching power supply, electronic ballast, power factor is 0.98,supports power saving mode and warm boot function, power with 50%-100% electric linear adjustment, wide range of working voltage
  • Voltage: AC100V/120V/200V/250V, 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power: 1450W (PFC Electronic ballast)
  • When the dimmer is on or off, has the saving power function, or all the CMY filters shuttered, the lamp consumption can be reduced 50% automatically, extending the lamp life and improving stability
  • Size: 536mm×409mm×757mm
  • N.W: 38kg
  • Up to CE standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard
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