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Guangzhou Chaiyi Light Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dealing with lighting R & D, manufacture, distribution and services. As a stage light manufacture expert, FINE ART enjoys reputation in the whole world, aspires to bring the most advanced concept of stage light to China. From setting up the first independent light institute in the whole world to channeling it into the modernized management mode of 21st century. FINE ART, in Guangzhou China, has really realized internationalization, scale and specialization...
In the feild of stage light, it can walk on the trade front only by grasping the newest science and technology. FINE ART embodies in the following major respects mainly by leading advantages in "Research, Development and Innovation".

"People oriented, technology leading, excellence pursuing and customer satisfaction", Guangzhou Chaiyi light Co., Ltd would supply high-grade products with perfect service to all the friends of the world. Looking forward to advancing and friendly cooperating with you!

  1. Initiating indepent light institute with independent interllectual property in the whole world. Except for advanced research equipment and experimental equipment and detecting instruments, FINE ART has also assembled an outstanding team of research and development composed of domestic and international experts. The backbone of every department of the company consists of qulified personnel of industry. It has already made several dozen copyrights and practical new-type patents for invention so far.

    In research and development, FINE ART has always been first in the trade all the time. Every year, we should all put 20% of the sales volume into scientific and technological research and development, and have invested a huge sum of money to build one professional large-scale stage showroom. It is necessary to meet research & development and convenient to show all the products for customers. "To pay and to reciprocate", FINE ART products have already been made and initiated the technological achievement. Receiving Moving Head of 1200W COLOR SPOT and Color Wash, which company first introduced to the market in 2000, it proves to have met urgent need in domestic and international market. And the latest products, as FINE 2000, and big watt outdoor lights including 2000W, 4000W, all-weather COLOR WASH have been proved to have filled in the blanks of the domestic and international high-power lights. In line with "lead in the development of science and technology, pursue being outstanding" theory, FINE ART institute brings customers new digital lights with better originality, high performance and great value.

  2. As an enterprise of developing globalization strategy, the company channels into the internationalized management mode. FINE ART has been pursued and has been in pace with world level all the time in management. For satisfying customers' needs on product quality and supply in time, FINE ART products are applied for and awarded European Community CE standard authentication in 2003, and pass ISO9001 (2000) at the same time. We still furnish a huge amount of money for taking the lead in introducing ERP administrative system, liking a pair of systems of digitalization in order that the management of the enterprise is inserted now! From R&D, production, quality test, each line of processes operates strictly according to technology file and standard. At remarkable quality and the performances of stability, FINE ART products win the domestic and international affirmation and unanimous favorable comments!

  3. FINE ART wins universal praise equally too on the customer service. We have allocated a team of customer service, which is composed of technical specialists, to do some training very often, to offer free training and free technological guidance to customer, and to help the customer solve the technological difficult problem at any time.

FINE ART has a nice dream: we hope that "where there are places on the stage, there are FINE ART lights!" FINE ART products of today, according to leading technology, remarkable quality, the performance of the stability and first-class service, have already been used in domestic and international field extensively, and get unanimous favorable comment of the domestic and international personages of various circles, repeatedly obtains the special honors in large-scale competitions of the same trade! From Broadcasting and TV system, heavy theatres troupes, and rental performance, etc.... FINE ART becomes first-selected brand for various large-scale activities, theatrical performance, Opera Theater, TV station, etc.

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