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Array Series


Since the begining, the goal of most line array manufacturers has been to build a one cabinet model that could cope with all kind of events.

To bring forward a total solutions to fix all these in a simple way is not easy, but the Tecnare LA122Array has enough new solutions to clear up directivity control... and all the parameters we need to optimize the overall performance.

The Tecnare LA208 array is an extremely compact high oputput, lightweight enclosure housing two 8 inches speakers, and one 1.4 inches compression driver attached to a waveguide device.

The Tecnare MiniArray is an extremely compact, lightweight exclosure housing two 6 and a half inches speakers, and one 1.5 inch compression driver attached to a wave guide device.

The Tecnare SW118M is a very powerful 1x18" vented subbass cabinet. It has been designed for all kinds of sound reinforcement: short, medium or long throw. The box houses rigging hardware to be used in array systems, such as LA122 or MiniArray. It can be also used in combination with V series or IBZA ones.

The Tecnare SW218V is a very powerful double 2x18" hybrib subwoofer cabinet. It has been designed for medium to long throw sound reinforcements.
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